Asset Bundle Suite

This product is made for handling your asset bundle needs. Starting with assigning asset bundles to your assets over building, uploading, downloading and assets loading during runtime. It provides configurations to define rules to auto assign assets or folders to asset bundles, to define upload and download locations and runtime behavior settings. It comes with a complete version handling for you bundles and its own cache system. This package contains also a complete asset loader implementation which cares about downloading and caching bundles, loading assets and keep references to avoid duplicated loadings. It utilizes the promise pattern for easy syntax.


  • assign bundle names based on folder rules
  • manages update of assets through versioning
  • upload to your fileserver in editor
  • in editor simulation of asset loading
  • in editor real asset bundle download
  • special handling for streamed content like audio and bundled scenes.
  • batch mode compatible
  • includes „Promises for Unity“ package


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